Annual Management Review Meeting 2013 & Annual Safe Production Work Meeting 2014

                Company News Project Status Notice

                On the afternoon of March 19, the Annual Management Review Meeting 2013 & the Annual Safe Production Work Meeting 2014 was held at the Company. The meeting was chaired by the Company Chairperson and General Manager Cheng Lachun, and attended by 55 persons, including the Company leaders Wang Zhixiong, Fan Jiming, Zhang Taisheng, Zhao Qi, Guo Guoqing, Xia Wu, Yu Xin, Wang Yiqun, and the General Manager Assistant, some deputy general managers, some senior project managers and project managers, department directors, managers from Tianyuan Company, managers from the Property Management Company, staff representatives, Safety & Quality Department clerks, etc.

                 Deputy Director of the Safety & Quality Department spoke on behalf the Safety & Quality Department at the meeting on the QHSE management system operation conditions and internal control system construction in 2013, Manager Representative Guo Guoqing reported on the ideas and initial task schedule for the Company’s management system improvement in 2014, and Director of the Safety & Quality Department Wang Yong reported on behalf of the Safe Production Committee Office at the meeting on the Company’s safe production work performance in 2013 and on the key points in the safe production work plan for 2014.

                 Participants have had heated discussions around the upgrading of the company management system in the perspective of their own actual work conditions, and many constructive suggestions are made. In general, the meeting has attained the results expected. At the end, the Board Chairwoman Cheng made a summary and concluded that the meeting had been well prepared to be the best management review meeting in the past several years. In the summary, she mentioned five aspects, namely, the upgrading of the Company QHSE management system into a Company Management System, the issue of executive force, the management cost and system decision-making, the overcoming of selfish departmentalism, and the restoration of itself to a general engineering contractor with design as the mainstay, and put forward specific requirements for the upgrading of the management system and required all the staff members to unite and work together to complete the system upgrading in two years’ time and lay the solid foundation for the realization of the Company’s strategic target of becoming “globally competitive” in the near future. (He Xiong)