The Company’s summary meeting of the Party-mass work education and practice campaign

                Company News Project Status Notice

                To comprehensively summarize the achievements and experience in the Party-mass work education and practice campaign, the Company’s summary meeting of the Party-mass work education and practice was held at the Report and Conference Room on the 7F of the Company Building on the morning of February 21 under the uniform arrangement of the Group Company. The meeting was chaired by Cheng Lachun, the Company Chairperson, General Manager, and Team Leader of the arty-mass work education and practice activities, summarized by Fan Jiming, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, and attended by Guo Yilan, the Group Company’s Member of Standing Party Committee, Deputy General Manager of the Stock Holding Company, and Leader of the Group Company No. 8 Supervision Team and other supervision members, and the Company management, medium-level managers, some staff representatives.

                 The Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission Fan Jiming pointed out in his summary speech that the “clean-management for people’s purpose” featured Party-masses education and practice should be carried out in a deep-going way, which is also a major deployment of the 8th Party Congress. In strict accordance with the requirements of the central government, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the Group Company, the Company should practice the Party-masses education activities. Since August 2013 when the campaign was formally started, the Company Party Committee has worked closely with the party committees and Party members at different levels to fight the four bad tendencies, improve the efficient and transparent work style, contact with the masses and develop the growth of the Company, so as to build a management team with “clean-management for people’s purpose”; meanwhile it has stuck to the principle of “having a clear understanding, working with correct style and method, and making corrections in time”, encouraging leaders to take the lead and the masses to join, and paying attention to discipline and positive ideology construction. During the campaign the Company management has received 140 pieces of suggestions and advices from various channels. And through careful study and straightening, leader group members put them into four categories, each category covering 25 pieces of the suggestions for control and check purposes, and then held in-depth talks with different department managers according to their different specialties before in-depth analysis can be made to form individual documents for check and control.

                 At the democratic life meeting from November 28-29, the leader group dissected the 25 outstanding concerns in the aspect of the “four bad tendencies” and the group members self-analyzed 134 problems and gave each other criticisms totaling 123. For existing prominent problems, the Company Party Committee has, through collective discussions corresponded the collected problematic information to the “four bad tendencies” for classificatory processing. In total, the leader group has rectified 15 items, adopted special measures for one task, and addressed 4 problems in institutional construction. According to the Company requirements, the grassroots party committees of the Company have also organized training, sought for advice, found the cause of the problems, carried out criticism practice, implemented rectifications, and formulated policies and rules. Through efficient organizing, careful arrangements, all-round development and solid progress, the Party Committee of the Company has carried forward the campaign successfully and has satisfied the superior body as well as the masses.

                Cheng Lachun, Company Chairperson and General Manager chaired the meeting and presented three requirements for the Party-mass work education and practice campaign: the first, rectification and implementation for better achievements. All responsible persons and departments should do a good job of rectifications and their implementation. According to the rectification requirements, the corrected should be improved to prevent relapsing, and the problems under rectification should be better addressed and the problems not corrected yet should be soon rectified thoroughly, so as to solve problems effectively and to make the work satisfactory to inspectors and staff and the masses. Second, the long-term maintenance should be guaranteed. The clean and people-oriented long-term mechanism should be adopted by the Party members and managers frequently and continuously. The mass standpoints and views should be taken into consideration and the awareness of “serving the people” should be enhanced, in order to contact with the masses, practice long-term fine work style, create clean and positive operation atmosphere and forge a “transparent” corporate culture. Third, the rational corporate development should be promoted through careful planning. Party committees and members at various levels should combine education and practice campaign with the Company’s management system upgrading, clean corporate acceptance, etc, center on the “international promotion” of the Company, pay attention to corporate operation and sales improvement, and unite with people to promote the Company in every aspect with improved mental outlook and excellent work styles.

                The Leader of the Group Company No. 8 Supervision Team Guo Yilan, upon hearing the related speeches and commentary opinions of the Company colleagues, pointed out that the Party-mass education and practice campaign is reflective of the requests of the central government, the SASAC Committee and the Group Company Party Committee, and through the campaign, the Wuhuan Engineering Company has made headways in terms of all of the management work style, management efficiency, meeting document control, public affairs and business activities, economical practice, etc. Meanwhile, with the campaign the Company has taken on a new appearance with positive energy, has met the Group Company’s “two emphasis and two promotions” requirements, and has achieved all the work targets for 2013 and enjoyed a good start for the production and operation for 2014 even when the Company finance was in a hard situation. For the next step of the campaign, she emphasized that work style construction is a long-time work requiring persistent efforts, and that the summary meeting shall not be an end to the campaign but an inception of more works related to the effort and shall not be the end to the Party organizations and members’ work and their enthusiasm and vigor nor to the practical implementation of rectification measures; rather, the meeting should aim at the consolidation and expansion of established achievements, and at the insurance of the job being done well from start to finish and of the work efficiency.