Conclusion of the 4th Staff’s Badminton Game of the Company

                Company News Project Status Notice

                On October 24, the Closing Ceremony of the 4th Staff’s Badminton Game of the Company took place at the Badminton Center of the R&D Building, attended by Cheng Lachun, Company Chairperson and General Manager, Fan Jiming, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, and Huang Jingzhao, Trade Union Chairperson, etc.

                The game had 11 competition teams from various departments of the Company. With the Competition Rules for Badminton Games published by the Badminton World Federation in 2012, the game was conducted through group games, semi-finals and the final, categorized into two singles and three doubles, all subject to the “best of five” system. In the games, energetic competitors were charming and attractive, all of them were hardworking and all deep clears, smashes, sliced smashes, drop shots, etc. can be seen, and meanwhile, the audiences were exciting, cheering for them. After 14 days’ fierce competition, the Jiguan Dalianhe (Office Association) Team seized the championship and the Guandaoshi (Pipeline Department) Team and Tujianshi (Civil Engineering Department) Team came at the 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

                 The competition can be an opportunity not only for staff to exercise and forge friendship efficiently but also for displaying their positive, active and coordinated mental outlook. The Company will continue to improve the staff living and cultural life, so as to gather positive energy, improve corporate culture and create a harmonious atmosphere