CPC’s Ninety-first Anniversary Celebration and Company’s Awards Ceremony

                Company News Project Status Notice


                On the afternoon of June 29, the party committee staged the CPC’s Ninety-first Anniversary Celebration and Company’s Awards Ceremony. The company executives including Wang Zhixiong, Fan Jiming, Zhang Taisheng, Huang Jingzhao, Yu Xin and Wang Yiqun and nearly 280 party members attended the ceremony.
                The ceremony began with the solemn national anthem. Fan Jiming, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, proclaimed the notification of the party organization and the awards related decisions. The company party committee was titled as “eminent primary party organization” by Municipal Party Committee of Wuhan. Under the recommendation of the company party committee, the party branch of the Electric Control Room was titled as “eminent primary party organization” and the interim party branch of Chemical Fertilizer Project Team in Ca Mau, Vietnam was titled as “eminent primary party branch”; Yang Jianguo, Xie Quanfu and Liu sanjun were titled as “excellent Party members”; Shao Jiazheng was titled as “excellent Party worker”; Wu Zeru was titled as “excellent Party member” by the Party Committee of Wuhan SASAC.
                Under the recommendation of the party branches, the 6 eminent primary party branches, 44 excellent Party members and 8 excellent Party workers ratified by the company party committee were also commended at the ceremony. In the jubilant music, the company executives presented the prizes and congratulatory speeches to the commended excellent party branches and individuals.
                The company party committee called on the company party branches and members to continue their momentum as role models, strengthen their ability to provide services and advance the company development, promote the “informatization management year” initiative with their innovative spirit, strong gumption, and pragmatic attitude, enhance management meticulosity, prepare for the Eighteenth CPC National Congress and make new contributions to the great-leap-forward development of the company.
                Under the guidance of Zhou Huiyu, the director of the Department of Party Affairs and the deputy chairman of the labor union, Yan Tao, Ma Chaobo, Chen Man, Zhang Kui and Jin Yuanming took an oath to join the CCP.
                The ceremony ended after the movie Loyalty and Betrayal released in the background of the Eighteenth CPC National Congress was screened. This movie impressed the party members with the pains and challenges that CCP went through to achieve the current status. The martyrs kept their loyalty to the Party in the trying environment until they sacrificed their lives. This touching move inspired the Party members to hold allegiance to the Party and devote themselves to the communist cause.